About Recycle Furniture
The company comprises a team of experienced professionals in restoring and creating fashionable furniture.

FOR three-decades Recycle Furniture Sdn. Bhd. has been providing consumers with an alternative choice of unique and beautiful furniture, from refurbished to one-of-a kind designs.
Over the years, the store has built a reputation for its exceptional craftsmanship – unsurpassed by other suppliers in the industry.
The store is renowned for procuring exclusive used furniture from hotels and corporate offices, from both local and international market. The acquired furniture than goes through a detailed and meticulous restoration process to ensure it is brought back to its previous glory before it goes out on display for consumers to purchase.
Besides restoring, the company also produces new furniture to keep up with the demanding market, every furniture piece made by them embodies the concept of practicality and timeless design using high-quality materials.
Customers from the store are always in the look for something exclusive and not mass produced. They are fond and akin to the unique touch and design of the furniture offered here.
The company endeavours to provide a variety of furniture options for its customers to choose from. In addition, the store has a broad selection of furniture from company closeout, overstock as well as furniture’s directly from manufacturers.
Recycle Furniture Sdn. Bhd. never runs out of remedies and recommendation when it comes to furniture, there is always something for your furnishing needs here.

Custom-made Furniture Pieces
The store takes pride in creating strikingly original custom furniture that blends art with practicality, and fills your rooms and beyond with an unmistakably fresh ambiance.

IF you want something more, the company specialise in high quality, crafted and bespoke custom furniture to suit your needs. When it comes to custom made furniture, we can design and build any piece of furniture in any style, timber, finish, or fabric that you desire.
This team can provide a full custom made furniture service, wether it’s an idea drawn from a magazine clipping, something you’ve seen whilst overseas, or a comprehensive ‘in-house’ consultation

Liquidation Services
Recycle Furniture Sdn. Bhd. has 30-years of hotel liquidation experience and has successfully completed hundreds of projects.


THE company is constantly seeking new acquisitions of fine furnishings from a variety of sources. It is one of the foremost hotel liquidators, specialising in fine furniture from renowned hotels and exclusive lodging properties that are undergoing renovations or upgrading projects.
The company also continues to grow by seeking an even broader range of furniture buying opportunities, this includes; manufacturer’s surplus deals, overstock furniture buys, discontinued items and close outs of fine furnishings and furniture from manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and warehouses as well as offices that are moving, renovating or closeouts.
With a large portfolio of successful liquidation projects to its name, the company has an excellent reputation for offering fair prices and a history of reliable performance backed up by a custom tailored liquidation plan.
When you are in the need of a liquidation services professional, place your project in the hands of Recycle Furniture Sdn. Bhd.
For more information and enquires call Recycle Furniture at +606 335-99-94 or drop us an email.